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I am a nightlifer, or night owl, who is terrified of the dark. Ironic—I know—but I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way. I have no doubt that the fear of what I can’t see heightens my imagination, while the nighttime freedom, inspiration and quiet provide the ideal environment for me to transform my thoughts into reality. Of course, when you're up most the night, the demands of a nine to five world often feel  like a cruel conspiracy against the light bulb and all those who take full advantage of its potential. 
Regardless, the lack of sleep didn’t stop me from getting an advanced degree, being a designer at a large architectural firm, or creating and running my own business.
Like most nightlifers (night owls), I get things done. And what I want to do for the rest of my life is what I have always wanted to do—write. THE BORING DAYS AND AWESOME NIGHTS OF ROY WINKLESTEEN is my first book—and, yes, the title is meant to be unapologetic.
Obviously, writing will never be all that I do. I am still a mother, wife, domestic CEO, part-time employee and caretaker to one very spoiled dog. I hope, however, writing eventually becomes much more of what I do.


Personal:  sallydillbooks@gmail.com

Publisher:  thinkbuttonpress@gmail.com

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